Mountaineering In North East India

North east India is surely one of the most beautiful places in the world. The north eastern mountain region attracts mountaineers from various parts of the world. There are literally endless chances and scopes of trekking and mountaineering. For climbing and mountaineering you will get bounty full of options there. The lush green vegetable midst of the beautiful valley and mountain seems magical. North east India is still unexplored in many ways. It can surely be great experience for you to go for trekking and mountaineering there. The terrains are rough and that is why climbing and mountaineering is really tough here. You will face tough challenges frequently and that will increase the fun for sure.

The best part of North east India is that you will find both lush Green Mountain and snow covered peaks here. You can choose depending on your preference and weather. North east India is a true delight for the tourists that come from all over the India. The mountains, valleys and dense forests not yet explored fully. You can find various different types of orchids, fauna and flora. For the mountaineers North east India is truly a blessing.

The weather in north east India is soothing and you need not really bother about too much cold. You can enjoy the beauty of the nature without thinking of glacier and other trouble. Mountaineering and climbing are popular among the people there and many people take part in these sports. However the snow covered peaks are covered nearly the whole year. You need to research a bit to know the weather properly. However you need not really carry too much of woolen wears as the weather is never extreme. You must carry your camera while mountaineering. This is a picturesque place and if you do not carry your camera you will surely regret after going there.