White Water Rafting In North East India

North east India offers vast options of trekking and mountaineering. Apart from that you can also take part in various adventure sports like climbing and white water rafting. In fact one must experience white water rafting north east India. This is a very popular water sport there and you surely have immense fun. Brahmaputra is passing through the north east zone of India and white water rafting on this river is going to be a great experience of your life. White water rafting is there for just a few years now. However in a short time it has become popular among the local people and the tourists both.

North east India is mostly unexplored and full of beautiful places. The rough mountains and the snowy peaks never fail to mesmerize the tourists. You can enjoy the dense forest along with the flowing rivers there. You can rarely get such beautiful diversities in any other places in the world. Apart from Brahmaputra Teesta and Rangit are also flowing through the North East India. You can enjoy white water rafting in these rivers too. For long stretches of rafting Rangit and Teesta are surely unparallel. The icy cold water and the rapid change of intensity of the water is something Teesta is known for. You can in fact one joy one of the fine water rafting in Teesta. It is truly a challenge to raft in the roaring Teesta and the rafters enjoy that a lot.

Rafting in Rangit is also very enjoyable. Both experienced and amateur rafters can smoothly raft here. You can also take help and assistance from the travel agents and tourism departments in North east India. However, you can get maximum scope of white water rafting in Brahmaputra. It is known as “Siang” in the north east region. The roaring waters will throw challenge towards the rafters every moment and overall it will be thrilling and immense fun for sure.