Trekking in Nagaland

Nagaland is one of the smallest states in India. Naga Hills run through this place and Saramati is the highest peak. There are some flowing rivers you can see in Nagaland. Overall this is a place surrounded by nature to sooth your soul. The trekking lovers have now started exploring north east India. Nagaland can easily be tagged as the trekker’s paradise. This land is adventurous and offers plenty of trekking opportunities. The atmosphere is healthy and you can go there for a driving trip or simple trekking. There are truly not many destinations in the world that will match the trekking dimensions that Nagaland offers. North east India is beautiful and trekking to such places will surely be memorable for you.

Some of the major treks in Nagaland are Dzukou Valley, Pungro, Mokokchung, Satoi range and mount tiyi. Dzukou valley is a peaceful place and it is nearly 2500 sq. Mt above the sea level. Trekkers from various parts of India and world come to Nagaland to trek in Dzukou valley. The bio-diversity is fantastic in Dzukou. Various colors, rhododendron, riverbanks, rocky hills and greenery make this place serene. Both the trekkers and meditation groups often visit Dzukou to enjoy nature and adventure together. Apart from Dzukou Pungro is another must visit place for the trekkers. From Pungro you can reach Saramati peak in two days. However you need to be ready with all the required documents and visa to avoid any trouble. Part of Saramati fall in Myanmar and that is why you need to be very careful.

Trekking on the Mount Tiyi will be another great experience for you for sure. The steep slopes and cliffs will make your trip an exciting one. The picturesque location and scenic beauty is the USP of Nagaland. Mounth Tiyi is nearly 2000 m higher from sea level and the trek to this mountain is surely extremely exciting. However you must follow the proper mountaineering guidelines to avoid any trouble.