Indian hill stations and the beautiful romantic moments with nature

Honeymooners across the world feel on a safer side as they come to India to enjoy the wonderful beauty of this place in the form of the hill stations. The diversity of the country fascinates these tourists coming from the various international destinations. India fascinates the global tourist with the natural treasure and these are the mesmerizing hill stations, the national parks and the wildlife sanctuaries. India is divided into 5 zones when it comes to enjoying the country and the mesmerizing hill stations located in these regions. Kashmir s considered as one of the finest spots on the face of the earth when it comes to having the holidays with the natural splendor in front of the eyes. Not only does Kashmir have the wonderful greenery, the snow clad mountains, the forests, there are many breathtaking health resorts and such spots provide the individual a good atmosphere of love, enjoyment and body care.

Some of the breath taking health resorts in the region is Gulmarg, Pahalgham, Tangmarg, Sonmarg, Dachigham, Duksum, Srinagar and many more.

When the tourist thinks of India hills, he cannot forget Manali and Shimla. Both are exotic hill spots with the rich heritage and the splendor of the natural beauty. The sizzling clouds and the shining sun behind the mountains make the individual feel spell bound. Because of the intense natural beauty of this place, Shimla is also referred to as the queen of the hill stations. It is the place with wonderful facilities of hospitality round the clock from the experts of globally acclaimed hospitality chains. The candle light dinner with the beloved in a hotel on the mall road on a glorious evening makes the individual feel on the top of the romantic world.
Shimla honeymoon is really enchanting and the person does not want to move out of this place, rather wants to stay here for a longer time period. Manali is a place the gods blessing the individual and the wonderful nature wants to salute the individual. It is indeed the Switzerland of India with the bowing apple orchards greeting the tourist and telling him to pluck some rich and juicy apples from them.

India is pristine beauty with some of the finest hill stations in India located in the southern part of the country. The hill stations like Munnar, Ooty and Kodaikanal really make the tourist feel on the top of the world. Munnar has the aroma of the tea gardens and the tourist can see the mesmerizing beauty of the Nilgiris on the way to the destination called Ooty. Kodaikanal is the one spot that really touches the tourist with the natural elegance. The beauty is so breathtaking that nothing can be described about this place in just only few lines. The western and the eastern belts of the country are proud to have hill stations like Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar Khandala, Darjeeling and Sikkim. Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar are the hotspots when it comes to the honeymoon splendor. It is real natural experience.