Main Tourist Attractions of Kashmir tours

Get enticed, enchanted and excited at Kashmir- the land called “Paradise on Earth” by great connoisseur of art and great Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan. Kashmir tours are the name that evokes beautiful scenery of misty mountains and snow-clad peaks, lush thicket draped with pine and deodar trees, loving people and succulent apple orchids in one’s mind. The land hemmed between north-western Himalayan ranges, Kashmir valley is laden with romantic settings and soulful serenity. On your tours to Kashmir you cannot help but notice its geographical treasures in the misty mountains, evergreen forests, beauteous lakes and waterfalls, aromatic flower beds and rich cultural heritage.

The experience of Kashmir tours is one for a lifetime attracting honeymooners, adventure-lovers and nature-lovers in bounties. Some of the highlights of all tours to Kashmir are:

Romantic Shikara Ride on Dal Lake:

A Shikara is a traditional style houseboat which takes one through most enchanting waters of Dal Lake. Dal Lake and surrounding greenery is considered one of the biggest attractions of all tours to Kashmir for it is the most ideal way to relish tranquility and beauty of Kashmir valley.

Visit to Shankracharya Temple:

The holy shrine of Shankracharya is situated on the hilltop of Takth-I-Sulaiman. The temple dates back to 250 BC and as per the common belief great philosopher Shankracharya had stayed here when he visited to revive Sanatan Dharma several centuries ago. Since then the temple was constructed on the same spot which has developed into a great crowd-puller in the present times.

Adventure Sports: 

Northern region of the country is highly applauded for all the adventure sports opportunities it avails. Kashmir creates the head of the nation which is crowned by mighty Himalayan ranges. These snow-clad mountain peaks are ideal venue for some of the most breath-taking adventure sports activities. Ranging from river rafting, skiing, jeep safari, angling, canoeing and more one can indulge in abundance of adventure sports in the state.

Nature Walk at Mughal Gardens: 

Elegant and grace are two indispensible features of Kashmir and similarly nature walks and Mughal Gardens are a must in all Kashmir tours. The lustrous chinar trees are lined throughout the Mughal Gardens in Kashmir which are namely Shalimar and Nishat Gardens. Fine examples of impressive Mughal horticulture these gardens are situated on both sides of Dal Lake and is beautifully laden with artificial streams, terraced landscapes and Mughal style pavilions. Marked by ornamental fountains and soothing tranquility these gardens beautifully epitomizes zenith of Mughal horticulture.

Shopping for hand-crafted objects such as pottery, carpets, bags and even antique furniture is a must for all Kashmir tours. While touring the region one can have even more gratifying and enriching experience by exploring some of the most sacred holy shrines of different faiths and by observing common rituals and religious practices there.