Tourism in Kashmir, a tour to the Paradise of Earth

Kashmir, popularly known as “The Paradise on Earth” is a famous tourist destination for travelers coming from all different parts of India. This charming land makes every adjective insufficient to describe its glamour and beauty. Kashmir is the most beautiful part of India and one of the most charming places of the world. Beholding natural charm at its best, Kashmir offers a mesmerizing vision for human eyes that everyone desires to see and experience.

There are wetlands, lakes, gardens and so on that surrounds the industry of tourism in Kashmir. Kashmir tourism is renowned worldwide and tourists gather to this charming nature’s house from different corners of the world. The rich cultural heritage and flourishing handicrafts that the state carries enhance a traveler’s tour to Kashmir all the more.

Kashmir offers a mesmerizing view for tourists and fascinates them with its magical spell of beauty. It will not be exaggeration to describe Kashmir as a heavenly patch on earth. Kashmir situated in the northernmost part of India is located amidst the Himalayan Mountains which enhance the charm of the land all the more.

The Kashmir valley, Jammu and Ladakh comprise and together form the union territory Jammu and Kashmir. The entire Kashmir valley attracts tourists throughout the year with its exquisite beauty created by the magical mountainous landscape. The natural beauty is the real charm of the land that enhances one’s trip Kashmir with visual glories and offers them an enduring natural tourism in Kashmir. Kashmir bestowed rich natural blessings has many tourist places make a traveler’s trip to Kashmir full of visual glories and spectacular visions.
Kashmir tourism offers tourists a trip to Kashmir through wet lands, lakes, gardens, valleys, temples, monuments and so on. The valley of Kashmir is blessed with a vast lake which is myth logically called as the Satt e Sagar which is the landmark of the charming land. Besides natural charm, the land also beholds various temples and monuments that become popular tourist places of Kashmir offering a touch of architectural glory.

The most popular tourist attractions of Kashmir are: Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, Kargil, Zanaskar, Nubra valley, Zin-ul-ab-uddin’s tomb, Hazratbal shrine, Karakash River, Kunlun Mountains, Dal Lake and so on. All these tourist places make Kashmir a perfect holiday destination blessed with rich nature, grand temples and monuments and pleasurable climate. The charming land is well connected to the rest of the world through major modes of transportation including rail, road and airlines. Also the land is facilitated with wide range of ample accommodations offering a relaxing stay for travelers. Hotels available range from luxury to budgeted hotels and therefore are affordable for every traveler. Therefore, experience these glories of the land and enjoy an enduring tour to Kashmir.