Kausani Travel Attractions

Situated in the beautiful ambience of the Kumaon hills in the region of Uttaranchal, Kausani is a great tourist destination at a height of 6,075ft above sea level. This tranquil hill station with its serene surroundings and beautiful natural beauty is a famous hill station in this part of India. With its wide spanned views of the beautiful and majestic peaks of the Himalayan ranges, the place gives the look of a paradise on earth. The place is greatly significant as Mahatma Gandhi has lived here sometime in the year 1929. Kausani is also the home of Sumitra Nandan Pant the great poet. In fact, this poet has labeled Kausani as the Switzerland of India.

Families love to visit this place as the entire area has a certain amount of lovely beauty and a kind of virginal look which makes the travel here seem like a blessing. Tourists visit Kausani all through the year. The valleys and peaks here are an amalgamation of hues and colours and provide a great visual delight to all the tourists.
The majestic mountains here seem as if they are rising high above the sky just to touch the heavens. The entire Kumaon hills are well known and popular for the spectacular scenic splendor. The huge mountains that form a major part of the area’s landscape make up a major portion of the sightseeing delights.
When we were in Kausani these were some of the memories that I have and the fact that this beautiful haven lying to the north of Almora exudes the ideal kind of holiday charm endorsed our belief in rating Kausani as one of the most preferred vacation spots. I still remember the amazing dark pine forests that we saw here and the bottomless greenery that seemed never ending in this region. Ideally the jewel of the Himalayas, Kausani has its own attractions and its own beautiful sights to see.
Dark pine forest at Kausani

Visit the Pant Museum and see this beautiful structure dedicated to the Hindi poet Sumitra Nandan Pant. This museum was actually the place where the poet lived in his earlier days. All his poems, drafts of his poems, articles, awards and his letters are displayed here for his fans to appreciate and adulate.
Sumitra nandan pant museum, Kausani Sumitra nandan pant museum, Kausani
Then there is the Lakshmi Ashram we went to which is near the Anasakti Ashram of the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi. This is a place that is run by all those women who perform a lot of social service. In fact, Sarala Behen Gandhiji’s follower spent her entire life here doing social service and deeds with a cause. Situated in a secluded private area, this is a forest which is just not penetrable.
Anasakti Ashram, Kausani Anasakti Ashram, Kausani
Then we went to Baijnath which is around 17kms from Kausani. This is a great historical place lying in the region of Uttaranchal. Situated on the banks of the Gomticanal, this temple was built many many years ago and is still an enthralling hub of sculptures, carvings and great architectural elegance. There are many temples of ancient times found here.
Baijnath temple, Kausani Baijnath temple, Kausani

Then there is Pinakeshwar which is a great trekking zone at Kausani. Situated around 9050 feet above the sea level, this is a fantastic hill station that is around 20 kms away from Kausani. The religious hub of the Indian god Lord Shiva, this is a wonderful paradise with its beautiful valleys and magnificent sights. There are places like Gopalkot, Huria, Old Pinakeshwar etc which are again interesting places to visit and intriguing areas to explore.

Someshwar is the other place we went. This is a beautiful Uttaranchal valley lying around 15 kms from Kausani. There is a famous Shiva temple here which has been constructed by the King of the Chand Empire King Somchand. Every March there is a great festival that is celebrated with a lot of pomp.

At Kausani, we saw the Anasakti Ashram which is again a place where Gandhiji is believed to have stayed during the year 1929. This place was called “Gandhi Ashram” later on. Gandhiji apparently liked the peace and the tranquility here and lived here for around 12 days. He also wrote a book called the Anasakti Yoga which is available at the library of the ashram. As we stood in the ashram and looked at the panoramic view of the snow clad peaks here, the entire experience was very rejuvenating. There is kind of freedom that you feel here that is beyond imagination. The mind remains relaxed and the soul feels fresh after a visit here.

The next place we went to was the Kausani Tea Estate. The Giria Uttaranchal tea is the main quality of tea made here. Situated at a height of around 1,200 to 1800 metres above the sea level, flavoured tea is a great hit here and Kausani is supposed to be a connoisseur of tea across the world. This kind of tea is generally grown in a foggy and cool weather. A great sightseeing experience in Kausani.
Kausani Tea Estate
Initially known as Valna, this Himalayan hill town gives you best views of the Trishul, Nand Devi and Nandakot ranges. The Someshwar valley overlooks Kausani and the Katyuri and Baijnath valley is found on the other side.
Someshwar valley
Beautiful sights and even more beautiful experiences ensures you would enjoy your Kausani travel.