Treasures to savor on south India tours

South India tourism is an ideal trip for worldwide tourists. This trip is dedicated to the popular visiting spots of the South zone of India. You can explore the renowned hill stations, backwaters, sea beaches and rest of lush areas at every corner of South India. Visit the popular South India states viz. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh that encompass the real attractions of the South zone of India.

Seeking for incredible fun of tourism? Go for South India tours and delight the real fun of tourism in the lap of green valleys and charming hill stations of the region. It is for sure that you will leave spell bound to explore the charming sea shores of South India. Beside it, you can also explore the majestic temples in Tamil Nadu and feel the real essence of God at the holy places of the state. Furthermore, your Kerala tour will take you in the fantasy world and also enables you to explore allures of God's own country. Try your hands in houseboat sailing and discover the popular backwaters of Kerala. To experience all the fun, you can avail the profit of South India tour packages as well.

Some of the best offered South India tour packages are:

South India Temple Tour

Temples of South India are the real milestones of the region. Tourists are keen to explore the enchanting shrines of Tamil Nadu state. Most of the Tamil Nadu temples are vast in size and their Dravidian architectures make them superb spots to cherish. Besides it, you can also explore some enigmatic temples in Kerala as well.

Few of the popular South India temples are:

• Ramanthswamy temple (Tamil Nadu)
• Meenakshi temple (Tamil Nadu)
• Guruvayoor temple (Kerala)
• Sabrimala temple (Kerala)
• Virupaksha temple (Karnataka)
• Hoysaleswara temple (Karnataka)
• Tirupati Balaji temple (Andhra Pradesh)

It is convenient to explore all the above mentioned majestic temples on South India temples tours with ease.

South India Hill Stations Tour

This tour package facilitates you to savor the charming hill stations of South India. You will be delighted to see the green valleys and sky kissing hills in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as well. Some of the fascinating panoramas of South India hill stations are cascading waterfall, snow fall, green valleys, and botanical gardens etc.

Few of the popular South India hill stations are:

• Ooty hill station (Tamil Nadu)
• Munnar hill station (Kerala)
• Kodaikanal hill station (Tamil Nadu)
• Idukki hills (Kerala)

You can explore all hill stations on your South India Hill Station Tour with ease.

South India Festivals Tour

This tour enables you to know about the popular festivals of South India. Basically, every state or city in South India may have its own festivals and fairs. South Indians celebrate their carnivals with great zeal and also decorate their houses with flowers, lightening and rangolis on the festive occasion.

Some of the popular South India festivals are:

• Pongal
• Onam
• Vishnu festivals
• Pooram
• Nehru Trophy Boat Race
• Hampi