Sameera Reddy shares memories of her trip to 'little Tibet'- Ladakh

Jammu and Kashmir were always on the places-to-visit list for actor Sameera Reddy who believes that it is the “blissful beauty of hill stations, charming beaches, golden desert, mesmerising backwater destinations, exotic wildlife that makes India a magnificent place to explore.” And the actor was glad when she recently made a trip to Leh Ladakh.

“Leh Ladakh was a trip I had to make due to work calling,” says Sameera. “I was out there shooting a romantic song sequence for Prabhu Deva’s film Vedi. The moment I stepped foot into the place I was completely enthralled by the magnificence of this exotic location,” she adds. Known for its mountain beauty and eminent Buddhism and Tibetan culture, Ladakh is often called ‘Little Tibet’.

“The beauty of Leh Ladakh is spellbinding. When you travel across those majestic passes, it is a different world altogether. You feel as if nature is dancing to the tunes of eternity. For an outsider, it’s a heavenly experience, one among majestic mountains and monasteries,” says an ecstatic Sameera.

The natural beauty of Leh and Ladakh fascinated her the most. “I had my eyes open all the time to behold nature.People visit Ladakh to discover the enigmatic charm of this land and during my short stay there I did experience the same,” she admits.

What she remembers the most is the sight from the mountains, which, she says, was incredible. “It was freezing cold out there and I had to shoot a romantic song in just a saree.” Though the high altitude and cold made Sameera severely ill, the magnificence and splendour of the place helped her ignore her illness and she managed to not only complete the shoot but also enjoy her brief vacation. She even shopped and picked up a couple of seven metal bowls as souvenirs — which resonate like a gong when one runs the metal along the rim of the bowl to produce a soothing sound.

“Although my stay in Ladakh was work oriented I did manage to discover serenity,” asserts Sameera, adding, “Ladakh is one place I will definitely return to for sure!”